Benefits of Buying Property on Plan

All the Benefits Of Buying Property On Plan

Buying a new house or apartment may sometimes be a process fraught with several difficulties, but there are many benefits of buying property on plan. For one thing, you may or may not have clear ideas of what you are after. Wanting to buy a first-time property or a second-time property as a rental investment in Malta or Gozo it is a very different experience compared to up-sizing from a family apartment to let’s say a terraced house or a villa.

Besides  rarely finding developments that include terraced homes or villas on plan. One usually wants to touch and feel their real second home.  But ultimately your decision and indecision may simply translate into how flexible or inflexible you could be about your exigencies.

Buy a property on plan is usually done in stages and so are the payments, which can be a major advantage if you are trying to get on the property investment ladder.  Read more for an interesting overview where we look at the benefits that come with buying property on plan.

The Size of the Property on Plan

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Size is usually the easiest to decide upon since you would know at the onset of your search exactly how many say, bedrooms you would need. Three bedrooms may sound like the ideal number but a three-bedroom apartment in one location may cost a different sum from a similar apartment on the other side of the Maltese islands.  Moreover some bedrooms may be the size of a closet, making your initial premise to have three rooms in which to sleep your family, take a nose-dive towards disappointment.

Then again, it is usually the layout of the rooms that will cause you to hesitate as you view property afterproperty, without clinching exactly the right one for you. The apartment may be too long, too dark, too stuffy, too cramped, too large to manage, or have rooms which simply do not fit in with your mental picture of what it should look like.

The Inside of the Property

When viewing properties which are already lived in, it may take a great deal of imagination to allow you to envisage the property’s potential beyond what the present owners have done with it, and how they have decorated it. A cluttered interior will completely throw you off, no matter how beautiful the apartment itself may be.  When you can’t see the actual walls beyond the furnishings, it may be hard to discern exactly what potential you have at hand.

The above are just some of the initial reasons as to why buying a property on plan may sound right for you. When buying on plan you may avoid all the stress of imagining someone else’s property as your own and take it a step further by designing and planning your property from scratch. It may seem like a step in the dark but when the design on plan looks interesting, when the location is right, when the costs are staggered, this may be just the solution for you.

Is it worth buying a property on plan?

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Whether you are buying an apartment on plan you are immediately saving between 10% and 20% on the actual price. Which if in the case you are planning to utilise this as a rental investment you’re already maximising your rental return, whereas if you are planning to live in the home you should theoretically be simply buying a bargain.  Of course, if it always recommended to receive professional advise from your local estate agent.

Property Investment on Plan

Here are some recommendations on how to tackle a investment on plan:

  • Make sure the contractor from whom you’re inclined to buy the property on plan has a reliable reputation. Ask your estate agent to inform you of some past projects to see if this contractor’s company is a serious one and prone to satisfy discerning clients.
  • On plan means just that – the plan is there but you can discuss your personal requirements – room sizes, quality of interiors, the bathroom and kitchen, the flooring, the lighting system and distribution, where to place a fireplace, etc. If you can get your hand on a 3D rendering this will help you better to understand what the plans on paper mean.
  • Ascertain that the specifications relating to common parts (in the case of apartments) are to your satisfaction and make sure all agreed works are complete as per contractual agreements before signing the final deed of sale.

Keep your eyes open for a number of property developments on plan that will be launched in both Malta and Gozo.  Your reputable estate agency in Malta will be in a position to keep you updated on these latest developments.  If you are a foreign buyer in Malta, investing in a property on plan may also be a solution for you.  To learn more we recommend visiting a reputable Living and Investing in Malta blog.

Finally, you will enjoy the process of seeing your new investment takes shape and appreciate the time span agreed upon until completion. This will allow you to save money and save up more money to finish off the property to your taste.